Udaya Kumar

Founder , Managing Director


Co-founder , C.E.O

Do you have a startup idea?

Our list of expert entrepreneurs is available for a one-on-one discussion and incubation, right from the beginning to a brand. We know the importance of mentoring, as without our mentors we would not be here.

Is an alternate career on your mind?


Switching careers is not as hard as it is made out to be, provided you develop the right skillset. Thanks to our in-house interdisciplinary experts, you have the opportunity to add to your existing knowledge base and grow in your new field of interest.

Are you a student/fresher?

It doesn’t matter what they say, but the current education system does not do its 100% to prepare you for the industry. This is why we urge every student to go beyond the curriculum and take an initiative to equip themselves with the required qualities. After all, a degree does not end with a graduation program.

Networking is the key to open every door that might block your path, and at Identi5i there are plenty of forums, blogs and events that allow you to meet skilled peers from various fields. Join the relevant forums today; it’s free!

We are a team of young, passionate entrepreneurs who have managed to crack the code, simply because we have seen failure up close. And, we would like to show the new generation some tips and tricks we have learnt in the process.

At Identi5i, it is our dream to make learning a possibility for everyone- learning without the restrictions of a preset curriculum. Because the real world does not operate within a curriculum.

When we started, we did not know how to step outside the boundaries of our “degree” and found that our restricted education offered very little help. We decided we would build a door for everyone who wanted to follow us into the open world. And so, even when mankind was forced to slow down in 2020, we kept on inching towards our dream. And now, we are finally here,


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Success lives outside the box, and we built a door to the outside


Co-Founder, CEO

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