Following the majority takes you nowhere. Be your own individual. Make your own choice. Identify your individual interests from a wide range of seminars, all from our renowned mentors. From nanotechnology to creative writing to medicine, whatever your interest, we got you covered.



Turning rough ideas into a product is a long road crossed only with experience. We will teach and nurture your scribbles until they turn into art. Take matters into your own hands, join the relevant forums to interact with like minded peers, and network your heart out. Networking is the best use of your time, in our opinion.



No more confusions about how to match your interests to a career. With unexplored career opportunities opening up, we will help you become the best fit in this new world. Learn how to transform your skillset into sustainable income. Remember, streamlining is the key to fly beyond clouds, even for a plane.


Can there be a better social asset than a strong network? Plausibly not. The biggest challenge in this fast paced world is attaining enough exposure. We offer access to an open forum where you get to discuss with your peers about the current trends and stay relevant to the industrial expectations. The Student Community Base helps you bridge the gap between your goals and opportunities with just a few clicks.



Ignite your brain cells to learn your favorite skills. Impress the industry with our up-to-date certifications, even beyond curriculum, because education doesn’t end after a degree. Stand a step above the rest with the perfect qualification. Showcase your leadership qualities by taking an initiative to inspire and empower.



Time and trust are the most important parts of our life, and we understand that. Give us some of yours and we are confident you will be back to invest more in us. Try our free content, then choose your subscription and gain exclusive insights from industry experts and one-to-one mentoring sessions. Indulge in your dream career or internship with top recruiters, and thank us later. We invest to inspire. You invest to improve.



We help you to identify yourselves

 “The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do”

                                                                                        ~Steve Jobs


What Our Clients Are Saying


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The incubation program has helped me so much. All I had was an idea but this program has converted to a business model and a start-up. Got industrial exposure and understood the practical difficulties of any startup. Great thanks to the identi5i team for giving me a clear vision of entrepreneurship! Hope I will succeed in this!


Founder of Petrichor

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